Grow Spec is an indoor farming facility manufacturer based in Foshan, China, researches development based in Poland. For many years, we have been dedicating to providing customers with optimal solutions for crop cultivation.
Our smart plant growth system and LED grow lights have been widely served in indoor, vertical, and greenhouse farms. Having helped customers improving crop yield and quality while reducing costs significantly.
What Does Grow Spec Provide
Full service
Climate Grow Chamber functioned as a movable grow house is a full solution for farmers and investors, and it can be a research laboratory as well.To get things easy and help our customers
toSolve problems is a permanent goal of Grow Spec. Climate Chamber is the product fully embodies the spirit of Grow Spec.
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This is a smart cultivation system which integrates: mobile carrige with multi-tier racks, height adjustable LED lighting system, automatic nutrient circulation system, hybrid of aero-hydroponic system, nutreint processsing and control center, integrated module of inter-plant ventilation&power supply etc. By utilazing this production line, planting will be changed from traditional agriculture to intelligent factory-based prodution mode
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Light High Effcacy I Full Spectrum I Tailored Recipe
SUNRAY, PANEL, AGRIBAR, SLIMSPEC, each model is created to meet the different grow enviroment needs Check the detailed specification to find the most suitable products for your indoor, vertical, or greenhouse farms
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Each Grow Spec product can be an independent part to match up your existed system. Besides All-in-one cultivation line and LED grow light, we have extensive products such as light elevator, moving base for rack, rack, planting bed, aeroponic bucket.
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Grow Spec is not only a manufacturer, but also is a solution provider. Our team are talents in their professional field and quite responsible, we do quick response, efficient communication, and open mind cooperation during the whole business process, we provide standardization products as well as customization service that already benefited many customers all over the world with “OPTIMAL” quality products at “OPTIMAL” prices support.
Go with Grow Spec, you do not only get a best product, but reliable team support to help you stand out in your business.
1. Unique and art-of-the state products:
Most of the products are unique in the world such as: automated plant production lines, light groups, light lifter units, racks power box... and for LED lights, racks and mobile carriages, we also redesigned (distribution map, light density, spectrum) after 5 years of cooperation with growers. We got patents for our unique products also from US and Europe governments. You don’t have to worry about the IP issues also.
2.Direct buy from manufacturer
Buy from GrowSpec means you buy directly from a real manufacturer. No middle man, all products and service are supplied directly from GrowSpec company.
3.Modular Products:
Most products are modular and scalable, customers can assemble in random.
4.Customized manufacturing:
Product size, power, voltage, colors etc. can be customized in accordance with customers requirements.
5.Full-Mate service:
For projects, we offer consultant before sale, our engineers will get all the information necessary for solution design and make out a customized solution, then we offer customized products, installation service in site (on demand) and after installation service for years.
Grow Spec is a solution provider, for many years, we provide FREE consultation service for customer projects. Our smart cultivation system and LED grow lights have been widely served in indoor, vertical, and greenhouses, having helped customers improve crop yield and quality while reducing costs significantly
Indoor Vertical Greenhouse
For engineering projects, Grow Spec provides customers with full service which mainly includes pre-sale planning and design services and after-sales installation&training services
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Grow Spec values relationship with its partners. In order to provide excellent localized customer services, we are enrolling partners all over the world, as long as you are interested, please feel free to bring your ideas to us at manager@growspec-inc.com ,well contact you asap
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