FLO Room Vertical farming For Cannabis Cultication - LAVACS System Technology With Respect to Nature.
Basic Info
This room is designed as a veg room, and the equipment used are 2 line of VEG(1+4),1 Fertigater and 4 sets of planting racks.
Thermo isolated room x1
12’-5” × 47’ - 7”(L x W)
Area: 593 sq.ft
LAVACS - VEG(1+4) x2
Led Aerohydroponic vertical automated grow system
Air-conditional x4
2200W 60Hz
Total power consumption
208V X 70A X 2line = 29KW
Size:36.6’ x 4’ x 8.8’(L x W x H)
Canopy Area:348 sq.ft / line
Power:9.5KW / line
Plants:840 / line
Grow Light:150W x 5 pcs / Tray